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Furniture Styles

Furniture Styles

Identify the Style of Antique Furniture
from your mobile device or desktop

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How it works
To identify the furniture style, you match the specific attributes of your furniture to the attributes shown in the Furniture Styles application. Once you have finished, the App matches the selected attributes to their usage in nineteen historical furniture styles.

To increase accuracy and create a richer profile, select as many attributes as you can reasonably identify to describe the furniture.

Additional attributes may be selected at anytime. A built-in style reference provides detailed information about each style.

Although matches do not indicate the actual age or authenticity of the piece, attributes are significant indicators to identifying architectural style and the period the style originated.

Easy to use
Click on a platform to see screenshots of each application in use:
Furniture Styles Android Screenshot
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Furniture Styles Phone Screenshot
for iPhone
Furniture Styles Example for Pad
for iPad

Furniture Styles PC App Screenshot
for Windows PC

Recognized styles

1600-1690 Jacobean
1640-1700 Early American
1690-1725 William and Mary
1700-1755 Queen Anne
1700-1780 Colonial
1714-1760 Georgian
1720-1830 Penn. Dutch
1750-1790 Chippendale
1760-1795 Robert Adam
1765-1800 Hepplewhite
1780-1820 Federal
1780-1820 Sheraton
1795-1848 Duncan Phyfe
1800-1840 American Empire
1820-1860 Shaker
1840-1910 Victorian
1880-1910 Arts and Craft
1910-1930 Art Nouveau
1960-1990 Contemporary
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