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Links - Books and Magazines


Cambium Books
Books and videos about woodworking, furniture design, and furniture making.

Linden Publishing
Woodworking books.

Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools
Woodworking books by Sam Allen.

All American Crafts
Magazine publisher for carving, woodcrafts, and needlework.

August Home
Cooking, woodworking, gardening, and home improvement.

The Crafts Report
Business magazine for the crafts professional.

Creative Woodworks & Crafts
Magazine for people who love creating detailed, decorative wood crafts. The magazine is filled with full-size patterns, the latest tools and equipment, tips and techniques, and project how-tos.

Fine Woodworking
Magazine for woodworking, homebuilding, cooking, and gardening.

More Woodturning
Magazine for woodworking.

Magazine for woodworking.

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