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More Free Patterns

Try over 35 patterns made with the Patttern Maker for Free!

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Set 1 contains:
  • Parrot pattern
  • Koala pattern
  • Tugboat pattern
  • Horse pattern
  • San Francisco Bridge pattern

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Set 2 contains:

Five patterns of magnolias in different arrangements.

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Set 3 contains:
  • Orange pattern
  • Lemon pattern
  • Bananas pattern
  • Grapes pattern
  • Pear pattern

Over 140 ready-made patterns are included with the Pattern Maker. These patterns can be printed to any size and with any line thickness.

See the ready-made patterns.

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Set 4 contains:

Five patterns of flowers in different arrangements.

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Set 5 contains:

Seven bird patterns, including cockatoos, chickadees, and parrots.

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Set 6 contains:
  • Antique car pattern
  • Airline pattern
  • Rose pattern
  • Flower pattern
  • Horse pattern
  • Dog pattern
  • Tea pot pattern
  • Tea cup pattern

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