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Line Art
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The Connected Pattern Maker

You can create this pattern of a classic car in 30 to 60 minutes using the Connected Pattern Maker. No drawing skills or special equipment is required.

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Step 1  Start with a digital image. In this example a photograph of a classic car was scanned with a flat bed scanner and saved as a .jpg. Click on the picture below to view the image that was used to create the pattern.

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Step 2  By drawing directly over a digital picture you can create realistic detail with absolutely no drawing skills. Lines, squares, rectangles, arcs, circles are all easily drawn using a mouse.

Step 3  Zoom in on the picture to draw the details of the original image. The shaping and editing tools let you modify the pattern to obtain refinement not thought possible using a mouse.

Step 4  When the pattern is complete, save it. The Connected Pattern Maker stores patterns in Connected Lines' PAT file format. This file format stores both the pattern and the background picture in a single file that may be opened for future editing and printing.

Step 5  Print the pattern on an inkjet or laser printer, or save the pattern as a bitmap image. When printing and making bitmaps, you can set the pattern size and line thickness. When printing a pattern larger than a single page, the Connected Pattern Maker prints the pattern on multiple pages, which may be taped or pasted together. You have the option of printing cut lines on each page to assist in assembling the pattern.

The Finished Product  The 1 inch, 6 inch, and 12 inch examples of the classic car were created by saving the pattern as a bitmap image. The bitmaps were then converted to GIF file format with a graphics editor for publishing on the web.

The example below is the pattern printed 4 feet wide by 3 feet high. The complete pattern printed on 28 pages of standard-sized paper with a 3/4 inch margin. The page margin was removed from each page following the cut lines made by the Connected Pattern Maker. The final 28 pages are 7 inches wide and 9.6 inches high and may be taped together to create a finished 4x3 foot pattern. In order to publish the 28 pattern segments on the web, each page was scanned into a GIF image file. You may view the individual pages by click on cells of the pattern below.

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View Page View Page View Page View Page View Page View Page View Page
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Note: The cut lines for cropping the pattern are not visible in the 28 graphic images above. Viewing and printing the images above with your browser or graphic editor may not reproduce the images in their original 7 x 9.6 inch format. Use our demonstration version of the Connected Pattern Maker to create your own example patterns in scale.

Note: The Connected Pattern Maker can print the same pattern to any size. We have selected a 1 inch pattern, a 6 inch pattern, a 12 inch pattern, and a 4 foot pattern above to show examples of the endless possibilities. Click here to learn more about creating patterns in different sizes.

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