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Line Art
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The Connected Pattern Maker

The Connected Pattern Maker is the easy to learn and fun to use software program that lets you create unique line art patterns from digital photographs, scanned pictures, and clip art images.

Key Features

  • Create line art patterns that are based on a digital image or drawn freehand.
  • Draw straight lines, free-form lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, and squares using the drawing tools Add curves to lines using the Shape Tools.
  • Resize, move, and remove the lines, circles, rectangles, and squares.
  • Use the view, move, and zoom options to change how the pattern and image are displayed.
  • Set the thickness and color of lines in the application and on printed patterns.
  • Analyze a pattern for open-ended lines, and then join lines together.
  • Save a pattern with or without the image,

  • Save a pattern as a bitmap (.bmp) image for use with other software programs.
  • Print any pattern from the size of a thumbnail to as large as a wall. Print duplicate copies of the same pattern on a single page, a single page of a multi-page pattern, cut lines, and a mirror image of your pattern.

The Connected Pattern Maker Software

The Connected Pattern Maker software includes:
  • The Connected Pattern Maker software for Windows

  • 50 ready-to-use wildlife patterns. See the wildlife patterns.

  • 50 ready-to-use fish patterns. See the fish patterns.

  • 30 ready-to-use historic building patterns. See the building patterns.

  • 11 additional animal and scenic site patterns.

  • 24-page Getting Started Guide in electronic PDF format, which walks you through creating your first pattern.

  • 66-page comprehensive Pattern Maker User Guide in electronic PDF format.

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